When to Plant Chrysanthemum to survive the winter

In the world of gardening, there is no way you can be ignorance about the time we can plant each plant. There are plants that can only live in one certain season. There are also the kinds that can last for a very long time. However, even if it can last long, it can’t survive if you don’t plant it in time. Chrysanthemum is the kind that can last long. If you are curious about the right time of when to plant Chrysanthemum, I will tell you in this opportunity.

When to Plant Chrysanthemum to survive the winter

When to Plant Chrysanthemum to survive the winter

The Right Time to Plant Mums

Indeed, Chrysanthemum is perennials in most climates. However, many gardeners find it die in winter when they plant it in August. What do you think could be the reason here? It is because Chrysanthemum is planted late in the season. In other words, it is just the time when it is near or even at the flowering stage. It is definitely not the right time to plant Chrysanthemum. You must keep this in mind for it is very important.

I am sure you must be wondering what could be the problem with planting at such time. So, I will tell you here that it has its energy used entirely for blooming. Thus, it does not have any energy left to grow roots in order to sustain the plants through the winter. You will need earlier time to plant it, so early that it is enough for the roots to grow. So, if you ask when to plant Chrysanthemum, I will say that the right time would be in spring.

Things to Remember in winter

Yes, if you plant Chrysanthemum in spring, there is high possibility that it can be strong enough to pass the winter. However, in some places where temperature goes below zero, it can die in winter. So, if you want to make it survive in such harsh season, you can try leaving the dead foliages on mums and asters. Add 4 to 6 inches of mulch to the ground that has frozen too. This will give more protection to the plant and might make it live.

However, you need to know that there are some kinds of Chrysanthemum that just can’t survive from the cold of winter. That is why don’t ever think about making choosing them for your landscapes. To tell you the truth, they are not bred so that they can be perennials. Just what are those kinds then? They are huge football chrysanthemum, delicate spiders, and spoons. It is important to know after learning when to plant Chrysanthemum above.

Description: When to plan Chrysanthemum should actually be in spring. It needs enough time to grow roots to sustain the plant through the winter. But, there are its kinds that can’t pass winter.

When to Plant Chrysanthemum to survive the winter for better

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