What People Should Know about Chrysanthemum Meaning

Chrysanthemum meaning may confuse by some people. But if you are florist you must be known about each symbolism that presented by various colors of the flower. For general people who ever watched famous China movie in 2006 titled as the Curse of the Golden Flower must be realized about this flower. Chrysanthemum probably becomes popular in Asia since this movie has been released. The reason behind is because the flower becomes the center meaning of the story. It symbolizes something that more than just sorrow. But, wait what is color type of flower appeared there? It is the yellow close to golden chrysanthemum.

Chrysanthemum flower, image source: typesofflower.com

Chrysanthemum flower, image source: typesofflower.com

What is the relation between chrysanthemum and colors? It is really connected. Chrysanthemum meaning serves different meaning based on the colors. Thus the colors must hold important part. If you give someone whom you love with different color of chrysanthemum or even flower, it will represent different message. However, flower is a symbol of language, a symbol of message, a symbol of something, so it does with symbolism of chrysanthemum. Every flower serves different sense. It makes people should think more about giving the right flower since it is really essential. So, here are several type colors of chrysanthemum that will help you more expanding your words.

Chrysanthemum, Colors and Meaning

Now days the popularity of chrysanthemum is getting higher and higher, many people are looking for this flower. It is because Chrysanthemum has beautiful shaped. In some places, every color of them represent different message. When you give a red flower it is known as another word of love. So if you are looking for a new flower that can represent as love or if you are bored with general rose flower which is known as the name of love you can take this flower out. Chrysanthemum meaning gives close meaning with love in white color.

When you give white flower, the chrysanthemum meaning will be the devoted of love or pure love. However the color is not limited at those points. You still can find various more colors like purple or blue. The purple or close to blue describes the meaning as the peace of meditation. Thus sometimes it sees as the symbol of perfection as well. Considering about the symbolism of chrysanthemum, it gives various purpose in many places. In different part of the world, chrysanthemum is not only recognized as a beautiful flower but it is more than that. In fact, in some countries, people hold several festivals with this flower as the main part.

Chrysanthemum in Countries

The chrysanthemum meaning in Europe will be different with Asia, so do in America. What kind of meaning do this flower has? In Australia the chrysanthemum is depicted as the mother’s love and honor. It always gives by many children to their mother in Mother’s Day while in China it is described as the symbol of nobility since it is one of four symbolic seasonal flowers. In Italy the symbol is drawn differently. It is believed as the symbol of death. In All Souls’ Day it always appears. In Japan, it is particularly known as the symbol of glory or prosperity and many more.

Description: Chrysanthemum meaning gives different meaning based on colors and countries where it becomes popular. It has both good and bad meaning such as love and death.

Chrysanthemum blue flowers

What People Should Know about Chrysanthemum Meaning

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