What is the Exact Time of Chrysanthemum Flowering and Blooming Season?

Chrysanthemum flowering and blooming season has different time. For some people who are not understand well about flower planting especially chrysant flower will may think that the blooming time is the same as like other flower yet actually it is different.

As a local flower that is grown in Asia and northeastern Europe it becomes the most favorite color alongside with rose and other flowers. A flower that has one family root with Asteraceae has beautiful shapes. It has various colors that make it look prettier. Thus it becomes one of famous flower that people usually used for festival.

Chrysanthemum Flowering and Blooming Season, source image: homedepot.com

Chrysanthemum Flowering and Blooming Season, source image: homedepot.com

The Blooming Season

Curiosity is risen up when talking about chrysanthemum flowering and blooming season. Actually what the exact time of the blooming season of Chrysanthemum is. The chrysant flower is known as the perennial flower that always blooming once time in a year. The wild chrysant that lives in a forest is apparently grown with two alternative lands, first is divided into leaflets with toothed or placed in smooth-edges. Some of variant blooms in the end of year or close to early of fall season, it makes people call them as flower of November month.

People start to love this flower since it has a real beautiful appearance. Some of them have solitary head that makes it looks a real circle shape flower while others has several flower heads that make it blooms widely. The flower heads of chrysant formed in various ways, some of them formed which close to daisy flower or alike to it. Some of them are formed in more decorative ways like pompons or buttons. Now days, many variant of them has been developed. Each of new variety has different blooming time as well.

New chrysanthemum is divided into two garden hardy and exhibition flower groups which means the chrysanthemum flowering and blooming season are set in different period as well. The one that included as the garden hardy is the new perennials chrysanthemum which its blooming time starts at winter. It is mostly found in northern area. In other side, the variant that is included in exhibition groups usually has sturdier form. It also has wider and more expanded look.

Any different look between garden and exhibition type of chrysanthemum flowering and blooming season is its shape or its flower head. In garden groups, the flowers produce thousands of small blooms that flowing with a help of little staking or withstanding wind or rain. In other word, it is blooming naturally with a help of natural whether while the exhibition is kind of different. The blooming season of Chrysanthemum for exhibition groups uses a required staking. It will bloom in overwintering or mostly dry. Cool environment is better for them and night lights gives more help better for their time to bloom.

What is exact time for chrysanthemum season flowering

Different Type of Blooming

Having two different groups give different ways of blooming the blooms as well. At least there are ten different bloom form of Chrysanthemum flowering and blooming season time. It is formed different depends on the way the ray and disk florets is arranged. Some of form that is popular for both exhibition and garden groups are the reflex form that creates a mop-like appearance in which decorative form has close form with it too.

The pompon form has fully double of small size with very globular form, giving a single and semi-double blooms with one to seven rows rays florets. The anemone form has prominent yet overshadowing ray. The spoon-form has visible and long form while the spider form has concealed and tube-like form. Every forms flowers blooms with beautiful shape.

Description: Chrysanthemum flowering and blooming season set different time depends on the type of them but mostly chrysant is known as November’s flower that blooms in fall season.

Pink Violet chrysanthemum x morifolium

Image: jeffriesnurseries.com

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