What is Chrysanthemum Flower Meaning around the World? Each flower has distinctive characteristics and that is why each flower has something meaningful behind its name. From a long time ago flower is used as a symbol. The Japanese in old time already created an art to learn the meaning of flowers and what symbols can be represented by the flowers.

The art is called “Hanakotoba“. While in western, the art to learn the language of flowers started to popular in the Victorian era called “Floriography“. There are so many flowers in the universe. It is impossible to know the language of flowers with only one sitting. So we should learn one by one. And now in this article we will find all about chrysanthemum and what chrysanthemum flower meaning.

Chrysanthemum flowers

Chrysanthemum flowers, source image: wikipedia

The name etymology

Greek words are the source of chrysanthemum’s names. It is from the word “chrysos” means gold and anthemon means gold. Though its name is from Greek which is in Europe continent, the oldest variety of chrysanthemum is in fact from China. The history said that Chinese chrysanthemum has been cultivated for 2500 years before the European people knew about the flower. In China words, chrysanthemum name is Chu hua which means October flower because the flower start to bloom in the beginning of fall season. That is why chrysanthemum is dedicated to people who had birth between October and November, but generally chrysanthemum is known as November flower.

The History of Chrysanthemum

The origin of this flower is from China where it has been cultivated from a long time ago. The recorded history about chrysanthemum cultivation is found back to the date of 15th century. Though many experts believed that cultivation was already start long before the 15th century. Along with plum, bamboo and orchid, chrysanthemum is regarded as the Four Noble Ones (Four Gentlemen). These plants were allowed to be cultivated only in nobles’ gardens. Peasantry is forbidden to do the cultivation. Now, as the time passed, everybody has chance to cultivate the flower. Nowadays people in China even relate the chrysanthemum to Feng Shui. They believe that chrysanthemum flower meaning is happiness and laughter because it can attract the Yang energy if they have the flower in their house.

Chrysanthemum entered Japan when Buddhist monks from China brought it around 400 AD. Japanese emperors was so fascinated to the flower and liked it very much so he was often being seen put the flowers on the throne and sat on them. Because of this, there is a book with the title “Chrysanthemum Throne”. The Japanese also celebrated the flower by holding annually the festival called “Festival of Happiness”.

English people began to know the flower in 1789. Then the flower entered the United States when Colonel John Steven brought the cultivated variety of chrysanthemum called “Dark Purple” across the Atlantic Ocean from England. Because of its popularity, in 1966 Chicago city declared chrysanthemum as the official flower.

Chrysanthemum history

The physical appearance of chrysanthemum

Actually there are many varieties of chrysanthemum with their distinctive colors and shapes. The original chrysanthemum known was in yellow color. However now we can find the flowers with different colors like white, purple, lavender, red, pink. Each color of the flowers have different meanings on the language of flowers.

There is variety of chrysanthemum that look like pompom, other variety looks like sun with big bump disk in the center and the petals is surround it like ray. The heights of the flowers are variety in the range of two inches to six inches. The categories of chrysanthemum based on the type of disk and petals are:

  1. Quill. The petals are in the shape of tubular and spread from the disk center.
  2. Daisy. The flowers has the same appearance with daisy.
  3. Decorative. The petals are overlapping on each other that you would difficult to see the center.
  4. Button.
  5. Pompom. The petals of the flower are so tight packed and they made globular shape like pompom.
  6. Spoon. The daisy-like flower with the tip of each petals curls like spoon.
  7. Cushions.
  8. Spider. The petals are long and blooming on different direction that reminding them of spider legs.
  9. Anemon. Usually the buds have color darker than its petals.

Chrysanthemum greens shungiku

The chrysanthemum flower meaning and symbol around the world

Because of the difference of culture in every countries and continents, the chrysanthemum flower meaning also different. In general, chrysanthemum has a meaning of joy, cheerfulness, long life, honesty, fidelity, loveliness and optimism.

Based on the colors, floriography in Victorian era stated that red chrysanthemum symbolizes the love or proposition to relationship, white chrysanthemum means loyal love and truth, the yellow chrysanthemum symbolizes unrequited love while violet chrysanthemum means the wish of wellness. In the beginning it already stated that chrysanthemum is November flower, however it is also being a symbol of 13thwedding anniversary. Some people believed if you drink the wine with one petal of chrysanthemum in bottom of the glass, you will get the healthy and long life.

Based on the types, the incurve chrysanthemum flower meaning is death and grief in some European countries like Italy, Belgium. Croatia, France, Poland, Spain and Hungary. While in China, Japan and Korea only white chrysanthemum that has the same meaning of grave. East Asia culture believe that chrysanthemum meaning is life of ease. That is why Buddhist like to put the flower in altar or in the grave. Be careful if you have intention giving someone a bunch of chrysanthemum in these countries.

In Japan and China, yellow chrysanthemum has high meaning. In China, chrysanthemum is regarded as noble flower which only nobles can have it and the flower was mentioned in hundreds poem. While in Japan, the yellow chrysanthemum symbolizes the Emperor. Its sun-like shape also make the chrysanthemum highly honored in Japan since Japan worshipped the sun.

In Ayurveda tradition, chrysanthemum flower meaning is associated as chakra. The practice is focusing to release the beauty of chrysanthemum by stimulating the heart of chakra. In Australia, chrysanthemum is used as the symbol of Mother’s day in May. Because in Australia this month is the blooming time of chrysanthemum.

The art of chrysanthemum tattoo:

Chrysanthemum tattoo designs

Image: Cuded.com

Chrysanthemum flower tattoo ideas

Other variant of chrysanthemum tatoos

Chrysanthemum art tattoo

Chrysanthemum sketch tattoo

Chrysanthemum sketch tattoo

Chrysanthemum japanese tattoo

Chrysanthemum japanese tattoo

Chrysanthemum tattoo sleeve for girls

Chrysanthemum tattoo shoulder

Chrysanthemum tattoo designs small for woman

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