Uses of Potpourri Chrysanthemum Flower

Potpourri is a beautiful blend of natural and dried plant or flower material that’s extensively used to produce a gentle odor in houses and for fall decorating. This is utilized as decorative item in homes that’s usually placed in wooden bowls, pots or jars. This arrangement gives a pleasant odor to the surroundings.

Potpourri chrysanthemum flower

If you wish a positive difference and wish to receive a sweet compliment from your visitors, decorate your home with potpourri. This is an amazing blend of various herbs, dried flowers and spices. You could make potpourri at home with different blends. These are little yellow or white daisy like flowers and have bitter and robust aroma.

This is the reason that makes this flower smartest choice for fall decoration. Generally four or more leaves and flowers are mix together with a few other herbs. Some essential oil is also used to give humidity to potpourri. Do not use excessive oil otherwise the flowers and leaves will soak down and will lose their freshness, odor and texture.

In the last step you may add few drops of any fragrant blend you desired. This can be rose blend, almond, spice, lavender, strawberry or winter blend. Its up to your choice which fragrance you wish to prefer. With dry Chrysanthemum it’s best to use lavender blend.

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