Dried chrysanthemum flowers

Dried chrysanthemum flowers

If you love the beauty of a chrysanthemums flower or mums flower, you need to know the methods to dried chrysanthemums flowers and to arrange them. The mums flowers are really beautiful and they have beautiful shades as well. If you want to keep the flower looks beautiful without letting it dry and dead, you can dry the flower in the proper way. Dried mums flower can be used for many purposes including crafting and decoration. The characteristic of a good dried mums flower is its texture. The moisture inside the flower must be all gone so that the quality of the dried flower can be great. The dried mums flower must be completed by with fresh-looking petals as well. It means that the petals still have its own natural color instead of being brown entirely like a literally dried flower. Below you will see the right methods to dry chrysanthemums flowers and to arrange them.

  1. Using Borax

Borax is not always bad. As long as we can use it properly, borax is very useful. To dry your mums flower using borax, you need these materials: First, you need several stems of the mums flower. Second, you need 2 huge containers. Third, you need approximately 4 cups of white sand and 2 cups of borax. For the method, first of all you need to wash the flower and dry it with kitchen towel so that there is no water dripping from the flower. After that, fill one of the containers with borax and the white sand. Mix them carefully so that the borax and the white sand are well-combined. Prepare your other container and your flower. Pour ¼ of your borax mixture to the bottom of the container. Then, lay the flower stems onto the borax mixture on the container. Once done, pour the rest of the borax mixture until the flower is completely covered by borax mixture. Borax is a really great moisture absorbent and so is white sand. Leave the flowers int the mixture for a couple of day. The moisture will be all get absorbed and the mums flower will become dry without losing its beauty.

  1. Using Pressing Method

Pressing method is one of the most famous methods to dry flower. It is incredibly simple and the result is always good. All you need to prepare is several petals of mums flower, kitchen towel, and several thick books (like dictionary).  For the method, first of all you need to wash the flower and dry it with kitchen towel so that there is no water dripping from the flower. After that, lay another sheet of kitchen towel and lay the flower on it. Then, take another sheet of kitchen towel and use it to cover the mums flower. After that, choose a thick book and find the middle part. Insert the mums flower wrapped in kitchen towel to the middle of the book. Close the book and press hard. Use the rest of the book as the weight. Place those books on the top of the book with the flower inside it. Wait for at least 2 week. After two weeks, remove the weights and take out the flower from the book. The flower should be dry and the color should be remaining beautiful. A little tip here, if you want to dry a mums flower with this method, make sure you make a good quality paper towel. The more absorbent the kitchen towel, the better the result will be.

  1. Using Oven

The quickest way to dry a mums flower is using oven. To dry a mums flower with oven, all you need to prepare is several stems of mums flower and your oven. For the method, first of all you need to wash the flower and dry it with kitchen towel so that there is no water dripping from the flower. After that, preheat your oven at 100ºF (38ºC). Then, take out the oven tray and arrange the mums flower on it. Then, put the tray to the oven for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, remove the tray from the oven and let the flowers cool down completely. After that, you can spray the flower with hairspray for glossier look.

  1. Arranging Mums Flowers

To arrange mums flowers into beautiful flower arrangements, you need to remember several things below: First of all, you need to make sure that you have the idea of what the final arrangement should look like. To do that, it will be better if you have a theme like summer flower or spring flower. Second, you need to think about several color schemes of the flower arrangements. Think about the shades of the overall flower arrangements. Make sure you have some colors to mix. Thus, prepare not only one type of mums flower but several types. It is suggestible that yellow mums flower, crimson mums flower, and white mums flower can really go together. Third, you need a texture. To gain texture, you can get it by adding tall leaves and short leaves in different shapes so that there will be plenty shapes in the flower arrangement. Fourth, you need a vase. Make sure that you want to make a huge flower arrangement, the vase is huge as well. To assemble the flower, you need to cut the stem in the height that you desire. Do not cut the stem in the same height so that you will not get variation in the flower arrangement. After the flower, also prepare the leaves. Once they are all done, prepare your vase and start arranging the flower into the shape that you desire. If you are done, you can start adding water to the vase (if you use fresh flowers).

Now that you know the right methods to dry chrysanthemums flowers and to arrange them, you can start practicing this method right now. It is quite simple and you can make a beautiful flower arrangement either with fresh mums flowers or dried mums flowers.

How to Dry Chrysanthemum flowers and arrange them

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