Things to Know About Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum is a kind of hardy beautiful flower which withstands the winter and fall glooms. Frequently, this flower is used by the florists because of its charm and long lasting nature. This flower is well matched for the November bridals bouquet, the gardens, and also holiday decorating.

Chrysanthemum flowers, image by:

Chrysanthemum flowers, image by:

The meanings of chrysanthemum

This flower has numerous colors. However, the most popular types of chrysanthemum colors are yellow and white. Both of those are also widely available. Historically, those useful blossoms are cultivated In China for more than about 2000 years. This is considered as one of four noble plants on the Chinese cultures. This flower is native to Europe and Asia and a kind of national flower in Japan. Generally, this flower is seen as the symbols of the sun. On Greek, this flower is named with Greek words as gold flower, anthos, and chrysos.

Traditionally, this flower is placed on the grave on Europe for being sun and light for those who have passed. Yet, today it is still famous on funeral arrangements due to its warm meanings. Also, the chrysanthemum has come to their own as really sought after flowers on winter and fall bridals bouquets, long lasting garden, holiday decoration, and many more.

Chrysanthemum wallpaper

Chrysanthemum wallpaper

The cultivation of chrysanthemum

This is a kind of perennial flower which would not fail do delight the gardener as well as brighten up a gloomiest garden. Once you want to own this flower in your garden, you have to know the chrysanthemum cultivation technique. Basically, this flower loves full of sun, good compost and drainage. It will bloom well to the late fall and also the early winter sometimes, it depends on region where it will be planted. This flower blooms with moon cycles and longer night of the falls. By this, the gardener must be careful and avoid placing this flower on the areas which are well lit at the evening since this can confuse those complex buds.

The chrysanthemum uses

Talking about the uses of this flower, there are lots of people believe that those who drink for the streams which flowed through bank of this flower will lead to the healthy and long life. However, this is probably a kind of myth. In fact, the chrysanthemum is still considered as powerful antibiotic and antiseptic and this is used as medicine in China for helping with the angina and for lowering floe to help ease the symptoms as well as cleanse the body.

Description: chrysanthemum is a kind of beautiful flower that can be used for some purposes including holiday decorating, planting in the garden, and also bridals bouquets.

Shungiku Chrysanthemum Edible

Shungiku Chrysanthemum Edible

Chrysanthemum Meaning and Benefits

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