Things to Do for Chrysanthemum House Plant

It would be good to make a landscape of Chrysanthemum in the garden. However, planting it in the house can be your choice too. It is not about making indoor garden with soil in the ground, but it is about planting it in the pot. Chrysanthemum house plant is how we can call this thing. Although growing it indoors is known to be easy and need a little special care, there are things you need to do so that the Mums can live inside the house.

Chrysanthemum house plant, image source:

Chrysanthemum house plant, image source:

Choose the Right Pot

First of all, you really need to think about the pot you choose for the Mums. Slightly bigger one than the one it comes with is the best for indoors. However, you need to make sure that the pot has drainage hole at its bottom. We can’t let the Mums over water after all. Be sure to use fresh houseplant soil as well. This will keep the Mums healthy. Potted Chrysanthemum should be like this so that it can keep living even if it is grown indoors.

Consider the Pot’s Placement

What comes next is the placement of the pot itself. Chrysanthemum house plant can’t grow well inside a building if you don’t place it in the right place. You see, the best place for this plant would be a place where it can receive bright light during the day. However, it shouldn’t be under security light during the night. Excess light is never a good thing for the Mums after all for it can disturb its bloom production, thus making it stop flowering.

Give Regular Water

Just because there will be less light that will dry the soil, it does not mean that you can stop watering your indoor plant. For indoor Chrysanthemum, regular water is very important. However, even for watering, there is the right way to do it. You see, you need to water the Mums from under the leaves. Why? It is because by watering this way, you can prevent fungal issues which commonly happen to potted plants that are grown inside the house.

Fertilize It Once a Month

Usually, you won’t find more things from Chrysanthemum house plant once it is done flowering. However, if you wish to keep it indoor, you still need to give some care to it. In the growing season, be sure to fertilize it once a month. Choose soluble plant food for it. Then, suspend the feeding during winter. If it is the Mums with deeply notched foliage you are trying to keep around, it will offer a nice little bush shape for you.

Description: Chrysanthemum house plant can live nicely inside the house as long as you choose the right pot for it, place it in the right spot, give regular water to it, and fertilize it once a month.

Chrysanthemum flower in pot house plant

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