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Flower has been part of wedding since long time ago. In traditional wedding, flower is used as symbol of love and it automatically represents love. The custom of every area will have different meaning and represent of flower but the main topic is that flower cannot be apart from wedding. Knowing Chrysanthemum wedding flowers and the other use will be very important and useful since the chrysanthemum flower is one of the favorite flowers to use as wedding flower. Besides that, it not only can be used for wedding flower but also there is still the other use of it that will be very useful for human.

As for the wedding flower itself, chrysanthemum flower is placed as second place of flower that most popular after roses. This is because this flower is very beautiful and has a lot of variant so you are able to choose or combine one variant to another; therefore you are going to have different looks from just one kind of flower. The flower also has long stem and you will find at least three blossoms flower in one stem. This makes the flower to be easy to be arranged and has several variants for the arrangement. You may curious about the Chrysanthemum wedding flowers and the other use and want to find out about it.

You are able to use chrysanthemum for many kind of flower arrangement for the wedding flower and the common use is for bouquet and decoration.


Chrysanthemum Bouquet

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Chrysanthemum flower can be used to be arranged to be beautiful bouquet. This flower is usually available in summer so it can be used for wedding summer. The varieties of the flower make the bouquet beautiful, moreover if the flower is combined with the other flower. Still, combine the same flower with different varieties also work perfectly and it will be wonderful to combine just one flower but with different varieties of the flower.

Spider chrysanthemum, autumn color of the chrysanthemum, and the green color of chrysanthemum are not bad choice for bouquet. But it is not only that, since the chrysanthemum flower has a lot of varieties that mean the flower also has different color and the colors are imaginable.

Besides that, the shape and size is also available in many varieties. That makes the flower unique and most favorite to use as the wedding flower and come to popular flower after roses. But, the main reason is that the flower is beautiful and wonderful, so it will enchant people who see it.

Chrysanthemum red bouquet

There is something that makes this flower special and common use for wedding flower, it is because the flower is able to survive and stand fresh even it has been cut from the plant. This gives the flower plus point since it will look fresh during the wedding ceremony and reception and the color will stand as it is.

It wills not withered so choosing chrysanthemum as wedding flower is best choice and it will stand even after the long ceremony and reception. Moreover, this flower will survive until about three weeks if you put it in the water.

Large chrysanthemum bouquet


Next function and use of chrysanthemum flower as wedding flower is to use as decoration of the wedding ceremony and reception, decoration is also common with flower. Decoration is one of the most important elements in wedding. And the use of flower for wedding decoration is such as thing you cannot ignore or deny. It will make the room or the ballroom looks prettier.

Chrysanthemum flower as one of the many flowers that are favorite flower seems will not let the decoration go without it. The decoration may be in form of bouquet or the other form depends on the arrangement and the concept of the wedding decoration itself. The long life and survive after cut add the reason to choose chrysanthemum flower as the flower decoration for the wedding ceremony and reception.

Every flower has different meaning, and chrysanthemum also has special meaning that represent wedding itself. The meaning of chrysanthemum flower as wedding flower is wealth, truth, and abundance. Those three words which is meaning of this flower will be a will and thing that is wanted by every couple to be exist and long lasting stand on their wedding life as married couple. The flower decoration in wedding ceremony and reception can be used to décor the seat place, and then the table, the entrance, and the other places. It will depend to the decorator that will make it more beautiful to see. The flower that is inexpensive also become plus point to the flower.

The other use

There is still a lot of use of chrysanthemum flower besides as wedding flower. Since this flower is beautiful, has long stem with a lot of flower blossoms in one stem, and then the long lasting and life survive after it has been cut from the plant, make the flower a lot of use for flower arrangement. The arrangement is not only for wedding ceremony and reception, but also for the other occasion as decorative value to add to the room. It makes the room fresh and beautiful.

Then, the other use of chrysanthemum is it can be used as medicine. It is used as herbal medicine by consuming it as tea flower. The tea flower of chrysanthemum flower will make your mind relax that will be good for your health. Besides that, it also can be used to solve eyes problem. It will help to prevent and decrease eye problem such as blurry vision, eyestrain, and dry eye. Moreover, it also is able to prevent cataract. You are able to use it and consume it as flower tea and drink it or boil it into warm water and then place to the eye and let is until about 30 minutes for relieving eye problem. Besides that, the use of chrysanthemum in herb medicine has conducted from long time ago and use by Chinese people as medicine for certain disease. That is Chrysanthemum wedding flowers and the other use.

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