Chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum tea might not be a familiar name of a tea that you have heard frequently. The popularity of this kind of tea is not as big as white tea or green tea, but the benefits from drinking it regularly is as good as or even better than other kinds of tea. This tea is popular in East Asia, especially China. Many people drink it raw with boiled water and some others add sugar to the tea. Most of the tea would get a translucent color or with a hint of yellow in the color. The tradition in China is usually when you have already drink a cup of this tea, then you can add with the boiling water again to the pot filled with flower tea. This would result in a tea that is weaker than the first tea, but it is usually repeated couple of times. Through the beneficial benefits that are being offered, the tea has been produced in a pack that is ready to serve. Many Asian restaurants are also serving this as a drink to accompany their customer’s meal. Without further delay, we would directly explain about everything regarding Chrysanthemum tea.

What is it?

The bloom of the flower of this tea varies from yellow up to red color. This is the reason of why the flower of this tea is popular, and so many people use it as an ornament. Other than its function as a decoration, you can also use the flower for drink. It is already well known in Korea and China that this tea is good for health, so many people there drinks this tea regularly for the sake of their health. It is already proven edible and is good for people’s health. You can enjoy the tea from the brewed flower that has a mild taste and nice scent. The refreshing taste from the tea is not only good, but is also great as a medicine to treat your health both inside and outside. The basic and well known function of this tea is that this tea is a great helper in smoothen the blood pressure system of your body as well as good in relieving disease from high blood symptoms that might attack you. This flower of the tea has known as a symbol of respect and honesty in China. It also has another name as autumn flowers because it keeps alive on winter and autumn.

The Advantages of Consuming the Tea

You can get several benefits from consuming this tea both from Chinese tradition view and from scientist view. The first advantage is that you can improve the function of cardiovascular. This is because the tea can help in improving the route of arteries. This is instantly can help in relieving dizziness, insomnia or even headache easily by consuming this cup of tea.  The antibiotics inside the tea are helping in lessen the pain in the chest. The next advantage is that the tea is helping in removing the symptoms of cold inside your body. You can treat your body well by consuming this tea in order to avoid cold attacks your body. It has a cooling effect that would instantly help in calming the flu and cold symptoms in your body before it grows and attack your body. Drink it every two hours to make sure that you would not catch any cold. The next advantage is that the tea can help in going against the heat rashes. Due to its cooling effect, which would balance your body, the tea would help in letting go the heat from your body. Then, it is also good in helping the health of your eyes. The sharpness of your vision would add rapidly, and the blurriness would go away directly.  If you are a type of person who spends lots of time in front of the laptop, you can drink this tea and let go of the blurry vision. The last advantage is that it helps in blood cleansing. That means the tea would help in removing the toxin off your body. Then, you would get a relaxed mind and body. Actually, there are so many other beneficial from this tea that you can get easily from consuming it.

How to Make the Tea Easily

It is easy to make this tea. If you were growing the flower yourself, then you would start by harvesting them. Start by plucking the fresh flowers, and let it dry. It might take several days to get the flowers dried properly. Pick a great sunny side that would give much light to dry the flowers. If the sun is not shining brightly enough, then you can dry the flower with food dehydrator. It would get the flower dried in no time, but still the best result is still from the sun light. If you are not growing the flower by yourself, then you can just buy the dried flowers on the market in the groceries place near you. You would find them easily on Asian market place. Then, boil the water for about a minute until the bubble is visible enough in your eyes. The best is if you can get the heat in 100 degree Fahrenheit. Put three up to six-dried flower into a cup. Then, pour the boiled water into it. There is also another option by just pouring the flowers into the boiled water and boiled it for a while. There you go, and your tea is ready.

Pay Attention to the Side Effect as well

Aside from the good effects, there are also bad effects as well. Be careful for a kind of allergies toward the flowers because it would only worsen your condition. Then, you need to stop consuming it forever since it would only get you allergic, and it is better for you to just try out other medical treatment from other teas. The oil is very strong, and you need to consult the doctor first about the consumption of Chrysanthemum tea.

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