Silk Chrysanthemums: Real Look of Artificial Chrysanthemums

For you who are looking for artificial chrysanthemum, knowing the large silk, white, and blue silk chrysanthemums difference is a must. There several things you must know.

Silk chrysanthemums

Silk chrysanthemums

Silk means real look

Different from plastic artificial flowers, the silk artificial flowers give you a realistic look. The material is soft, flexible, and moist look. It will look even more realistic when you arrange it with some real plants or flowers. However, you have to keep it well. Wrap it with some plastic bag before storing it to keep the flower clean.

There are a lot of varieties

Once you are looking for the silk chrysanthemums, you will likely to find a lot of varieties. Most people would usually go with the white silk chrysanthemum. The white chrysanths look soft and elegant, it is also a symbol of purity and strength. The white silk chrysanthemums are also available in small size so you can arrange it to be bouquets. There are also several kind of whites you can choose, like the really white silk chrysanthemum and a little creme white chrysanthemums. Both colors are in fact natural colors. There is also another large silk, white, and blue silk chrysanthemums difference you have know.

The large silk is usually available in bigger size. Different than the white silk chrysanthemum, the large silk is a better choice for flower arrangements where you can also have smaller flowers and real leaves in the vas. The traditional color such as crimson, orange, and yellow will look better in the large silk chrysanthemum. It will also look stunning under the light, especially for evening occasion.

The other silk chrysanthemum is the blue silk one. For most people it looks almost like hydrangea, especially if you arrange it into a bouquet. Therefore, it is not suggested for you to combine blue silk chrysanthemum with hydrangea. If you want to get total look of chrysanthemums, you can pick larger blue silk chrysanthemum. That is all of the large silk, white, and blue silk chrysanthemums difference you must know. Read also other post about popular colors of chrysanthemums. Thanks for reading this article.

Artificial silk chrysanthemum flowers

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