Potted Chrysanthemum Care in winter to Keep It Alive

You must have known that most plants can’t survive during the winter. How about the Chrysanthemum then? Of course, it can’t bloom during winter. However, we can make it survive through the season. I will tell you potted Chrysanthemum care in winter here. I will also tell you how to care for it when it is not in the pot too. Although it is still hard to tell whether or not it can really survive the winter, it is better doing it than do nothing of it.

Potted Chrysanthemum, image by: wiesnerbros.com

Potted Chrysanthemum, image by: wiesnerbros.com

How to Care Potted Chrysanthemum

If you already have potted Chrysanthemum, you don’t need to make bigger fuss than it. Caring for potted Chrysanthemum in winter is basically easier after all. All you need to do to care for it is to move it to a place that is well lit but still cool one. However, it is not like there is no need to water it at all just because winter is practically damp and cold season. Mums are the kind of plants that needs lots of water for it to grow.

You still need to water it to keep the roots damp. However, be sure to remember of how to water it in pot. To water it, you have to fill the pot till it overflow and water comes out of the hole at the bottom of the pot. Wait till the soil has dried around 2 to 3 inches deep if you have to water it again. Just don’t make it over water since it can promote the growth of bacteria. This is the way of doing potted Chrysanthemum care in winter.

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How to Care Chrysanthemum in the Garden

It might have been hard for Mums to survive in the garden in winter. However, you can try by cutting down the Mums after they have been killed by the frost. Make airy, light mulch of evergreen branches for them for it will do the job to insulate the roots to face the frost. This is the most important thing for Chrysanthemum care in winter when it is not possible for you to move it to the pot to be kept inside the house.

After mulching the Mums, there is still one more thing to do. You need to mound the dirt up around them. You know that constant freezing and thawing can happen to just any plant in winter. It goes the same with the Mums. So, you need to mound the dirt so that we can keep them from dying in the harsh winter. You can move them to pots and do potted Chrysanthemum care in winter if you are not confident leaving them outside.

Description: Potted Chrysanthemum care in winter is easy. You just need to move it to well-lit but cool place and water it properly. It might survive outside if you cut, mulch, and mound them too.

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