Perennial chrysanthemum varieties flower colors in the world

Chrysanthemum is a large genus containing both perennial and annual species and several garden varieties. Whilst the annuals are grown for their flowers, a number of perennial species can fulfill useful landscaping functions as well as adding colour to the garden. Prominent among these is the shrubby, Chrysanthemum frutescens, known commonly as Marguerite or Paris Daisy.

Chrysanthemum flower colours varieties

Chrysanthemum frutescens grows to about 30 cm high and about metre wide. Its daisy flowers are usually white with yellow centers, but a number of varieties sport delightful pink blooms. In Mediterranean climates, it flowers through majority of the spring and summer. The real beauty of the plant is in its finely cut leaves, giving it a feathery, delicate texture.

Chrysanthemum frutescens may be utilized as an Anchor plant in a flowerbed, meaning that it provides pockets of stability in an otherwise rapidly changing part of the garden. Annuals need to be pulled up and replaced, and several perennials have to be cut down after flowering, or divided and replanted.

Plants that look good during the year Hold the flowerbed throughout the unavoidable in between periods, when the border isn’t at its best. The wonder of the plant’s foliage is best expressed when it grows in a niche, like by a wall, and snuggling up to a rock or boulder.

Perennial chrysanthemum varieties flower colors in the world

It can also be added, as a flowering sub shrub, to a group of low growing shrubs of medium to fine texture, such as Pittosporum Wheeler’s Dwarf, Green Island Ficus, Melaleuca Green Dome, and Raphiolepis. Marguerite may also serve as transition plant, linking the frothy foliage texture of ornamental grasses, with trees and shrubs that have a medium, less fine texture.

With this purpose in mind, it’s excellent bordering a lawn. Some other perennial Chrysanthemums can be planted instead of this species, or included in a group with it. Gracile, especially the variety Chelsea Girl, and C.they’re quite hardy to drought, easy to grow, but require well drained soil.

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