Make and Brew Your Own Chrysanthemum Tea, Have a Look on the Method Below!

Before learning about how to make and brew chrysanthemum tea, it will be better for you to also know about how to choose a good chrysanthemum flower. The flower used is usually the one that has bloomed, the big one, the pistil part is soft, the yellow or white one, and the sheath is full, fragrant, and not damaged. Normally, the chrysanthemum flower is sold in dried. In choosing the flowers, you need to make sure that the flower is in good quality, fulfilling those criteria above.

Chrysanthemum tea, image by:

Chrysanthemum tea, image by:

What Do You Need?

There are 2 basic things you need to have for making a glass of chrysanthemum tea. First, you need 3 grams of chrysanthemum. Second, you will need 1-2 piece of lemon. The lemon is optional. It will help you to strengthen the digestion. Besides that, you can also add a little honey to give a little of sweet taste. Honey has that natural effect that will not badly impact to the drink. It will also give a good aroma and sensation to your chrysanthemum tea. Inhale the aroma and close your eyes, feel a little relaxed.

How Do You Make It?

Prepare the dried chrysanthemum flower (3 grams), brew them with hot water Let it mix for about 5 minutes, and then you can serve it right away. You can also boil them until it is ready to serve for about 5 minutes. If you want to add another benefits on your chrysanthemum tea, you add some gojiberry extract to it (10 seeds). Furthermore, if you want to add some good benefits, the lemon can be used to neutral the liquid. The balance of each contain is needed, please be wise. So, ready to practice the question on how to make and brew chrysanthemum tea?

How to make and brew your own chrysanthemum tea for easy

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