Knowing Some Kinds of Chrysanthemum Varieties List

It will be nice when we try to know the kinds of the chrysanthemum varieties list. Yes, it is because this flower is one of the special flowers, which will be able to be used in many agenda. In other hand, by the beautiful look of the appearance of this flower, it also can be used to beautify the look of your room decor. Here, we want to talk about some kinds of the list of chrysanthemum varieties. By seeing the detail of list, I am sure that you will have more chance in choosing it.

Chrysanthemum Varieties List

Chrysanthemum Varieties List

Irregular curve

When we are talking about the kinds of the varieties of this flower, the irregular curve can be one of the nice considerations. Yes, it is the class 1 of this flower. The expert says that this kind of the flower is one of the giant blooms of genus. What makes this flower special is the unique curve of its appearance. In other hand, it is also nice with the beautiful yellow in its color. In common, the dimension of this flower is around 6 until 8 inches.


The second kind of the variety of this flower is reflex. The expert says that reflex is the class 2 of the chrysanthemum varieties list. This kind of flower is special with is downward and overlap class curve. The unique kind of the curve here makes it similar with bird plumage. In other hand, this flower is also special with its reddish appearance. How about the size of this flower? In common, it blooms 4 until 6 inches.

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Regular incurve

Regular incurve is the next kind of the special variety of this flower. What makes this one of chrysanthemum varieties special is its regular curve. This flower has a true globular bloom in its depth and breadth. In other hand, it is also special with the ball shape in the detail of appearance. How about the size of it? The flower can blooms up to 6 inches and it has the orange as the basic color.

Well, the kinds of the list of the flower give you some choices, especially when you want to have the beautiful flower in your home. Actually, there are some other kinds of the chrysanthemum varieties list, which you can see in the detail of catalogue. I am sure that it will be nice when you try to plant it.

Description: chrysanthemum varieties list show some great kinds of the flower. It will be a special flower to beautify the look of your decor.

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Chrysanthemum Varieties List

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