There are so many countries that produce chrysanthemum in various types and also kinds, which are used for various things. Of course many of you have known about this beautiful flower. Sure, this is such the great flowers which are used for various purposes, as like for the decoration, beauty, healthcare, or even as the insecticide. Surely, behind its beauty, chrysanthemum has a bunch of benefits which many people still do not know.

That becomes the reason why there are so many countries which actually produce this flower. They have a lot of purposes on producing this kind of flower, as we have mentioned before. If you are interested in the beauty of chrysanthemum, for sure you also want to know much more about this kind of flower. It is including about the facts of this beautiful flower, which countries that produce this flower, and many others. There are also a lot of unique facts which are really interesting to be known about this beautiful flower.

Chrysanthemum flower colours, source image:

Chrysanthemum flower colours, source image:

Actually chrysanthemum is not only in particular type only. There are various types of chrysanthemum which we can find with some colours which make this beautiful flower becomes much more attractive. That will be such the great thing for you to know. For the first time, of course we often get attracted by this flower because of its beauty and its colourful look, but actually, there are so many other things which often make people feel interested in cultivating the flower.

That is including about its benefit for the entire body health. That also becomes the reason why there are so many countries that produce chrysanthemum for a lot of purposes which might be varied from one to another country. We can enjoy every single thing which becomes the benefits from this beautiful flower that is popular with the name of chrysanthemum.

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Countries which Produce Chrysanthemum

As we have mentioned before, there are so many countries which produce this kind of flower. However, actually this beautiful flower is such the typical flower of East Asia. Sure, that is the typical flower of the countries in East Asia, as like in Japan, north china, Korea, and many others. Of course, those also become some of the countries that produce chrysanthemum.

However, still nowadays chrysanthemum is also cultivated by the countries in Europe and also America, as like France. That is because of the beauty of this flower and a bunch of benefits which are offered by this kind of flower. Here are some of the countries which cultivate, use, and also as the part of the economy industry are shown below and of course they are not the only since as we have mentioned before, there are so many other countries which also produce this beautiful flower as their commodity. Here are some of them.

White Chrysanthemum Alaska


In Japan, chrysanthemum is started to be cultivated in the 4th century. Then, it becomes one of the national flowers of this country. This flower is also well known as Kikuka by the people of Japan. Then, in the year of 797, chrysanthemum became the symbol of Japan imperial and called as the queen of East. In Japan, Chrysanthemum becomes the sign of cheerful but at the same time it is also often used in the ceremony or funerals in Japan. Sure, it is also often used as the healthcare as well.


The oldest type of chrysanthemum is from China. This kind of chrysanthemum is similar to the flower of daisy.  Since chrysanthemum is one of the typical flowers of East Asia, the people in this country also has known this flower earlier than when it comes to Europe and US. China has cultivated this beautiful flowers in the farmland started from 2,500 years ago. Of course, it is a long time before this flower was introduced to Europe and US. In china, it is also used as the natural medication or healthcare.


In US, chrysanthemum is also well cultivated and becomes the commodity since it is also used for various goals as well, for example the decoration and culinary. It also was entering the American horticulture in the year of 1798. The cultivated variety which is known as the dark purple is imported from England as the first effort for the cultivation of chrysanthemum in US. That was done by colonel J. Stevens. Then, in US, chrysanthemum also often becomes the symbol of the cheerful and also friendship.


In France, chrysanthemum is often called as the Chrysantheme. A little bit similar to Japan, in France it is also the sign of condolence or death, especially the white chrysanthemum which is often used for funerals. Then every November 1st, there is the celebration of La Toussaint when there are so many colourful Chrysanthemums which decorate the cemetery. This flower is also cultivated there for the industry as like for culinary, medication, decoration, and many others.

Unique chrysanthemum facts should you know

Unique Facts about Chrysanthemum

Actually besides knowing much about the countries that produce chrysanthemum, many of us are also interested in knowing the facts about this beautiful flower. That is especially about the unique facts regarding to this flower. Some of them perhaps have been mentioned in the previous part but there are still so many great unique facts about this flower.

In every country, chrysanthemum might represent the different things, for example, in Indonesia it is often used in the wedding decoration to represent the happiness, while in France and Japan, chrysanthemum might represent the condolence since it is used for the funeral and cemetery.  In America, it becomes the symbol of friendship and cheerful.

  • In Australia, chrysanthemum is often used for celebrating mother’s day. That represents the honour to the moms.
  • The festival of chrysanthemum in China is held every year in Tongxian, China.
  • Chrysanthemum in China is also said as one of the part of Four Gentlemen of China besides orchid, bamboo, and plum-blossom.
  • This flower is also often made as the topic in the Chinese poem.
  • In Japan, chrysanthemum becomes the sign of emperor.
  • Chrysanthemum is also often called as golden flower, flower of the November, and so on.

Those are some unique facts which are really interesting to be known but of course there are actually so many other facts which we could not mentioned all here. Knowing about the info of countries that produce chrysanthemum above can also be really helpful.

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