If you love the chrysanthemum flower, the chrysanthemum flower buying guide and price information must be important for you. This kind of flower is indeed beautiful and quite colorful. You can use this kind of flower for multiple purposes.

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Chrysanthemum flower or often simply called “krisan” flower or mums flower is now quite easy to find. A lot of florists have made this kind of flower as one of the stars in their flower shops. If you love chrysanthemums and you want to buy the flower and have it at home, below is the chrysanthemum flower buying guide and price information for you.

  1. Buying Chrysanthemum Flower

Chrysanthemum flower can be bought in three ways basically. First, you can have several stems of fresh chrysanthemum flower. Second, you can buy dried chrysanthemum flower. Third, you can buy the chrysanthemum flower seed. Each of them has their own plus and minus point. Let us talk about the fresh chrysanthemum. When you want to buy several stems of beautiful mums flowers, you can go to your nearest florist.

Usually, fresh chrysanthemums are always available in flower shop all year long because chrysanthemums can be growth quite easily all year long. Beside of flower shops, chrysanthemum garden can be the place where you can get fresh mums flowers. Usually, in a chrysanthemum garden, you can even pick your own flowers. Now, let us talk about where to buy dried chrysanthemums. The dried version of this flower can be made by taking out all moisture from the flower by using several methods.

As the result, the flower becomes dried but the color and shape remain the same. Dried chrysanthemum is of course more durable than the fresh one and it can be used for many purposes. It can be used to make craft, as home decor, and many more.

Buying dried chrysanthemum flower is easier than buying the fresh one because you can get it online. There are numerous flower shop providing dried version of the mums but if you want to make it simpler, just order it online. There are a lot of online shops especially the ones related to craft and stuff that provide dried mums. You can just order using your gadget, complete the payment and the dried mums will be sent to your house.

The last form of chrysanthemum flower is in the form of seed. If you want to grow your own chrysanthemum flower on your backyard or garden, you need to get the seed. Just like the dried version, the seed is also available via the internet. You can just go online and browse the online shop providing chrysanthemum seed.

Fresh chrysanthemum flowers, source image: www.biswasundariflorist.in

Fresh Chrysanthemum flowers, source image: www.biswasundariflorist.in

  1. Choosing Fresh Chrysanthemum Flowers

We are about to discuss how to choose fresh mums flower. It is because when we are at the flower shop or flower garden to choose which mums flowers to be picked, we must know exactly the characteristic of a good fresh flower.

First of all, you need to feel the underside of the petal flower. The characteristic of a good fresh mums flower is that the petal is firm. If the petal is already moist, it means that the mums flower is not fresh anymore. You can leave it and pick other flowers.

Second, look at the color of the petal as well. If the color of the petal is slightly brown with faded color and spots, do not pick that mums flower. Also, if the petals are transparent, you can’t buy that flower. Pick a mums flower with perfect bloom and fresh look. If the flower is not fully bloomed and the petals do not look fresh, do not buy that flower. Also, check the leaves on the mums flower. If the leaves are healthy and fresh green, you can be sure that the mums flower is fresh. If the leaves are starting turning yellow or even brown, do not choose that flower.

Last but not least, to choose the best mums flower, make sure you choose mums flower with no insect on it. If the mums flower already has spider web on them, just ditch it and find a new one. Now, for choosing dried mums flower. Dried mums flower is usually all the same. As long as the moisture inside the flower is all gone, the quality of the dried flower must be great.

Make sure you choose a dried mums flower with fresh-looking petals which mean the petals still have its own natural color instead of being brown entirely like a literally dried flower. For choosing the seed, actually there is nothing you can do because flower seeds look almost all the same. To prevent you from getting tricked, make sure you buy the seed in trusted and licensed flower shop or online shop.

  1. The Price of Chrysanthemums Flowers

If you want to buy this mums flower, you need to know the price. Let us start from the fresh flower. Mums flower with button type is sold approximately $2.50-$3 for every stem. As for mums flower with commercial type, the price is around $4-$5 for every stem. If you love to buy mums flower with flat type, the price for every stem is around $2.50-$3. As for the mums flower with spider type, the price is $2.25-$3.50 for every stem. For the dried mums flower, approximately it is sold $11.98 per pack regardless of the flower type. If you like to buy the seed, the seed of yellow chrysanthemums flower is usually sold at the price of $3.72. One pack of seed usually contains up to 500 seeds.

Above you have read everything that you need to know about where to buy mums flower, how to choose a good mums flower, and also how much a mums flower is. So, with your knowledge about this kind of flower enriched, you can enjoy the mums flower even better. Remember, the mums flower is not only beautiful but also very useful to be used as decorations. So, follow this chrysanthemums flower buying guide and price information and get your flowers now.

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