How to Prepare Wild Chrysanthemum Tea and Chrysanthemum Tea Recipe?

Before preparing wild chrysanthemum tea and chrysanthemum tea recipe, you have to know how to choose the best chrysanthemum quality. First, the chrysanthemum common used for tea herbal is only the one in yellow and white. The names are chrysanthemum indicum and chrysanthemum morifollum. Second, you better choose the fresh flower and then dry it naturally under the sun. if not, you can always buy the one in one package, dried. If you decide to buy the instant one, make sure that the contain have no preservatives. A very natural one is needed if you want to get a maximum result. Here are some of the best recipes for making and brewing chrysanthemum.

Wild chrysanthemum

Wild chrysanthemum

Wild Chrysanthemum Recipe

When you want to have this tea herbal, you have to bear in mind that you don’t need any sugar addition. But if you please, you may want to have some honey and some drops of lemon. The wild chrysanthemum can start from having some of the flowers, about 3 grams, and boil it. Before boiling them, you have to dry them first, letting it dried under the sun. The wild ones can be gotten from the yellow or the white ones. Drink it routinely to keep your immune system balance.

Choose Wisely

If you are in the middle of the super hectic activity, you may want to have some of the instant tea still from chrysanthemum. But be careful, some of them are containing preservatives which will not do any good to your body. Chrysanthemum tea is supposed to be very natural and healthy. It will help your internal organ to do detoxification by itself. However, getting to know about the recipe can also urge your feeling to make a healthier tea out of the wild chrysanthemum tea and chrysanthemum tea recipe. Happy trying!

White wild chrysanthemum flower

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