How to plant and grow Chrysanthemums in pots if you only have limited areas? Is it possible or impossible to grow it in the best way, to wait the best result and not to get the bad plants after that?

Chrysanthemums or often called with its short name as mums, is one of the best plants that commonly growed in many houses. Maybe because the appearance of mums will look beautiful and colorful (Chrysanthemums has many colors for its flower seeds) so it will completely good for your garden area. But actually, not only for outdoor garden area, Chrysanthemums also can be planted and growed in limited areas such as indoor, small pots or room inside your home. But the question is how to do it?

chrysanthemum in pots, source image:

chrysanthemum in pots, source image:

Is It Possible To Plant Mums In Pots & Limited Areas?

First, may you want to know is it possible or not t plant mums in pots? For pots, of course it is so possible. But what about limited areas such as small garden and indoor room? It’s also possible but taking time and preparations to make it works completely. Because limited areas such as small garden or indoor room will make the mums needs more protection and care, that’s why you need to grow it in more discipline way than before.

Although it’s difficult than when you choose to plant and grow it in outdoor areas, there is no such thing as impossible to make it happen. Of course it’s easy to understand why people want to grow mums in limited areas. There are many reasons about that : maybe because you don’t have strategic location in exterior and outdoor area, you don’t have large space of garden and what’s left is only limited areas such as small pots racks inside your house. Either it’s your garage, warehouse or just another room inside your house, as long as you know the rules below, there is no word such as impossible.

What You Should Know Before Deciding To Plant Mums In Limited Areas

So, what you should know before deciding to plant and grow mums in limited areas? Read the explanations below :

– Before deciding to plant and grow Chrysanthemums in small pots and limited areas, make sure you understand the exact location you want to use. That means you should consider the warmth, air, condition and possibility to make it as location of your plants. No matter you want to grow and plant mums in limited areas, the most comfortable area should have good balance in air and warmth condition. More than that, the room should have windows on the rooftop or sides to make sure the sun will make the mums grow faster. If you don’t have a clue about it, better to search information first about how to choose best location for mums plants. Don’t choose dark, oily without windows or sunlight at all as your location because the chrysanthemums will hardly survive in that area.

– Not only about location, what you should know is how to plant and grow the mums in the right way. For people who often to plant and grow many plants, it may will never be a difficult thing to do. But for people who never do this before, make sure to learn and know the basic ways of planting for your best consideration. You can browse the basic ways on internet, it’s so easy and instant to understand the process of planting and growing. Because Chrysanthemums come in many variety of colors, shapes and seeds, also make sure you decide what kind of mums you want to grow at your home. Of course the process of choosing color will always fun, right?

– When you plant and grow it is also very important. You can’t just plant it in wrong condition when the weather is not really balance. For example, if you have mums plants in summer, better to plant it as quick as possible. But if your room is balanced about its warmth and cold frame, growing the mums in spring can be your right thing to do. So important to know and understand when the right time to plant your mums to avoid risks and bad results.

– Another thing you should know before deciding plant the mums is to prepare the whole elements to support the area. Not only water, soil, pots but other elements such as racks or tables to put on the pots. Write your own lists to make sure you will prepare every elements before you officially plant and grow your mums.

– And don’t forget to promise yourself to take care and protect your plants. Many people think it’s easy to plant something, well in fact it’s true that very easy to do that. But to grow it and take care every process about it is another thing. That’s why as soon as you get your mums planted in right way, you need to monitor its condition regularly. For Chrysanthemums itself, usually the changes to grow and flowering will happen after two-three weeks.

Tips and Preparations Before Planting Mums In Limited Areas

Now, if you ready to plant and grow your Chrysanthemums in limited area or small pots, here are some tips and preparations you should do. These tips are completely useful for easy beginners who never grow plants or just don’t know how to plant the mums. Read this :

– Fill the pots and water it after you put the plants. Take the pots to sunny and air-balanced spots inside your room. Make sure the sun light direction towards your Chrysanthemums pots, also don’t forget to always check its current condition.

– The change will look after two-three weeks but after months, it takes patience and time to make sure the mums is already protected. After planting, you can protect the look and condition of your mums by having special spray of Chrysanthemums.  You can buy it at local markets or flower shops. It will helpful to make sure the process of blooming mums is totally nice and protected.

After all, with all these tips and explanations we totally hope you don’t need to ask how to plant and grow Chrysanthemums in pots anymore. Good luck and hope your plants growing better and make beautiful result.

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