Growing Chrysanthemums from Seeds

The idea of chrysanthemum indicum seeds for sale and growing chrysanthemums from seed can be a great gardening idea. The flower that is introduced to Versailles in 1847 needs less water and relatively resistant to most flower diseases. There are some easy steps to guide you:

Growing chrysanthemums from seed, image:

Growing chrysanthemums from seed, image:

Buy the high quality seeds

Do not just buy random seeds. Make sure you buy the high quality seeds. They are relatively more resistant to plant diseases. You also do not need to pick every single seeds when you buy a pack of high quality seeds.

Chrysanthemum morifolium seeds

Grow the seeds in a plastic cup

You don’t just grow the seeds in big planting medium. You can use plastic cups that you gets after buying coffee or smoothies. It will be easier for you to take the plants out of the plastic cups to grow them in the other medium to let the plants grow and bloom. To grow the seeds, you can use some shucks with a little soil and fertilizer to make the medium. Or, you can just buy some medium if you cannot make it on your own. Grow two or seeds in one cup and wait until seeds grow to be 1 – 3 inches plants before separating them. Place the cups in some area with enough indirect sun exposure. Just prepare several cups and planting medium before looking for chrysanthemum indicum seeds for sale and growing chrysanthemums from see.

Growing the flowers

It takes almost 100 days to enjoy the chrysanthemums to bloom. The plants can grow pretty long, so you have to leave enough space for the plants to grow. You can keep the plants for 3 – 5 years as long as you treat the plants well, such as provide enough fertilizer with high phosphorus content, keep the planting medium moist, and keep the temperature of the environment around 70 – 75 degrees especially in winter times. It is also important to cut some old leaves and cut the plant after the flower blooms. There is almost no other treatment besides chrysanthemum indicum seeds for sale and growing chrysanthemums from see and the planting guide in this article.

How to Growing Chrysanthemum from Seeds

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