Good Facts of Ginseng Chrysanthemum Chinese Tea You Need to Know

The ginseng chrysanthemum tea in Chinese ancient history was very crucial to heal some light diseases. They include dizzy, sore throat, influenza, high temperature, and even liver. The mixture was believed to bring a very good impact to internal organ. If you are currently feeling ill, not having enough energy to face your hectic day, a glass of good chrysanthemum tea might do well for you. Please, if you are a pregnant woman, make sure that you have passed the first trimester of your pregnancy. The too soon consumption of chrysanthemum tea for pregnant mother is going to weaken the fetus.

Ginseng Chrysanthemum tea

Ginseng Chrysanthemum tea

Ginseng Strengthens Immune System

When we speak about Chinese ancient drink recipe, we will never not find ginseng inside. It is always there. Ginseng contains lots of vitamin that can strengthen the immune system, making you able to stay away from any light diseases for months or weeks or days. The taste is very light and so is the aroma. It will calm your mind. Ginseng is also believed to warm the internal organ, making it possible for you to feel warmth inside. And if it is mixed with chrysanthemum, what happens?

Good Facts of Ginseng Chrysanthemum Chinese Tea You Need to Know

Ginseng and Chrysanthemum for a Healthier Life!

If both of the ginseng and chrysanthemum is combined, you will get a glass of goodness in the end of the day. The drink is the one you want at the end of the sunset. You can boil the ginseng first on some water on the pan, making sure that the aroma is out when the water is boiled. Prepare 3 grams of chrysanthemum and mix it with some ginseng. To add more taste, you can have some lemon or honey. A good drink will make a good impression at the end of the day. So, ready for your own ginseng chrysanthemum tea in Chinese?

Ginseng chrysanthemum tea benefits health

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