Football Chrysanthemum: General Information

For those who are interesting with the chrysanthemum varieties namely as football chrysanthemum, you have to know firstly some facts about it before you want to cultivate it in your garden. Commonly, those grow from the cultivars and it is classified as the regular incurve. Formally, the bloom on this class is incurved with ideals flower that forms the complete balls. Mostly, these will naturally mature during last two weeks on October, only be elaborating the shades to create artificially long night and short day of the autumn is still possible for coaxing the bloom at the others time.

Football chrysanthemum flowers

Football chrysanthemum flowers

Yet, for those who want to commit necessaries times, this is possible for doing football chrysanthemum cultivation at home. By this, you have to choose the cultivars which will bloom before the frost if it is one of considerations on your areas. There are two types of potted that is florist and hardy. For the hardy, it tends to have the smaller flower but more of those on the large bush. However, for the florist type, it is more uniform on the appearance with fewer but large flower on the smaller plants.

Tips for cultivating Football chrysanthemum

For those who want to get more pleasure as cultivating the football chrysanthemum, you are recommended to select the plants with many buds, healthy green foliages, and also few flower open. You can get those at home to last as longer as possible by placing on the some direct suns or bright light as well as keep the soils moist all the times. As the bloom fades, you better discard mums or set that on the sunny gardens spots outdoor on spaded and well drained soils. Cut its stems back for about two or three inches. This will flower again next the late fall and summers.

Football chrysanthemum: How to care

Caring toward this flower is must in order to get the best results at flowering. For football chrysanthemum cares, you have to know that it prefers the compost enriched and well drained soils. In other words, the good drainage is required to get successful overwintering. Don’t forget to clean up the old foliages on spring and also cut back to the new growth.

To sum up, football chrysanthemum is a kind of queen of fall flower. It will usually start to show the beauty on early autumn. By allowing lots of room, this plant can reach the full sizes and prodigiously flower at the first year.

Description: football chrysanthemum is one of most beautiful varieties of chrysanthemum. It requires good drainage, compost enriched soils to get the best at flowering.

Chrysanthemum image gallery:

Chrysanthemum watercolor

Chrysanthemum watercolor

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