Easy Guide to Grow Pompom Chrysanthemums

Growing pom pom chrysanthemums flower white and others colours in your garden can be the best idea ever. Besides your garden will look so beautiful, pompom chrysanthemums will also gets you a lot of benefits. To grow the flower, there are some easy guides to help you:

Knowing the flower characteristics

Pom pom chrysanthemums flower, image: craftsmumship.com

Pom pom chrysanthemums flower, image: craftsmumship.com

Pompom chrysanthemums that is also called button mums have various colors. You can find the deep amethyst color that is also called Tinkerbell color, white, bronzed orange, and yellow. The flowers will bloom when it has grown to 6 inches. The plants do not need too much water, but they need rich soil nutrition. It makes you have to work harder to keep the water content low, but maintain the soil fertile.

Soil and water factor

The best medium to grow pompom chrysanthemums is well drained soil with rich nutrition soil. The pH level should be around 6.5. This pH level will keeps the fertilizer better. Different from the other color, pompom chrysanthemums relatively eat less. You just need to feed the plants occasionally, especially to help the flower to bloom. The roots of pom pom chrysanthemums flower white and others colours will absorb nutrition better when they grow in moist soil without too much water. The easiest way to keep the water level, you just need to grow the plants under some roof.

Sunlight exposure

The key to help the flowers bloom in perfect color is to watch the sunlight exposure to the plants. Pompom needs around 5 to 6 hours of light in a day. It needs bright, but diffuse light. It means you cannot grow the plants under the direct exposure of sunlight. Too much exposure to sunlight would make the flowers pale. Basically the pom pom chrysanthemums flower white and others colours need similar treatments.

Chrysanthemum spray white

Image: floraco.com.au

Easy Guide to Grow Pompom Chrysanthemums

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