Don’t let it die, you must know the plant disease Chrysanthemum flower

Straight to the point, these are the types of chrysanthemum diseases and pests.

Chrysanthemum diseases

Caterpillar soil (Agrotis Ipsilon)

This Caterpillar eats the ends of the stems of young plants. So that the tops of the leaves become dead. To resolve it, you could take the Caterpillar directly, or you can spray with pesticides.

Thrips (Thrips Tabaci)

The symptoms look like this: the tip of the leaf and side shoots visible silver-colored, or become yellowish as bronze, especially on the undersurface of the leaf. The solution, select the proper planting time, install traps Thrips (usually a yellow sheet of paper containing adhesives), for example IATP from Taiwan.

Red Mite (Tetranycus sp)

Symptoms: leaves afflicted by red mite turning into yellow-brown, twisted, thickened, and splotches of yellow to Brown.

Pest control: cut the plant parts that are stricken with the disease. Burn off some sections are already clipped. Then spray with pesticides.

Liriomyza sp, leaves destroyer

Chrysanthemum plants are exposed to this pest, the leaves are rolled up like a tunnel. The color of the leaves turned into white-gray around the circumference of the leaves. The solution, cut the leaves, and spray pesticides.

Rust (Fungus Puccinia sp)

This type of leaf rust is composed of black and white rust. The black rust caused by boletus P chrysanthemi, and white rust caused by boletus P horiana P. Henn.

The characteristics of the plant Chrysanthemum rust disease attacks affected, namely the emergence of black or brown spots on the top of the leaves. In a severe stage of plant flowering becomes difficult. How to fix rust flowers is to choose a good and healthy seedlings. So it is more resistant to attack the disease. Cut the leaves were infected. Adjust the distance of the plant and do the spraying with fungicides.

Chrysanthemum white rust

Chrysanthemum white rust

Oidium flour (Oidium chrysanthemi fungus)

The symptom is leaf Chrysanthemum-covered white flour.  For a long time, the leaves will be pale and then dries up. Prune the leaves that are sick and do the spraying with fungicides.

Dwarf and mosaic virus

The disease is caused by a Chrysanthemum stunt virus and Chrysanthemum mild mosaic virus. The plants of chrysanthemum will become stunted. Flowering earlier than healthy plants. But the flowers are more pale. Mosaic virus make the leaves become striped, yellow green.

Select seeds are healthy and free from symptoms of the virus. Do not use a garden supplies are not sterile. Here’s how to avoid the dwarf mosaic virus attack.

That’s some kind of disease and pests in the crop chrysanthemum. May be useful for you.

Don't let it die, you must know the plant disease Chrysanthemum flower

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