Clara Curtis Chrysanthemum: A Beautiful Variety of Chrysanthemum

This will never end as the discussion related to the chrysanthemum is talked. Due its numerous varieties, different people will have different choice about the favorite variety from chrysanthemum. One of interesting to talk is Clara Curtis chrysanthemum. This one belongs to Rubellum groups. It bears the lightly aromatic and the long lived single. Yet, sometimes it has semi double that flowers on pink. This variety is made up from both perennial and annual and this one is well known for its showy flowers. Actually, there are twelve different forms of the flowerheads that distinguish different kind of this flower.

Clara Curtis Chrysanthemum

Clara Curtis Chrysanthemum

Knowing the classifications of Clara Curtis chrysanthemum

Due to its numerous types, those who want to grow this plant in the garden, it will be better if you know the Clara Curtis chrysanthemum classification firstly in order to select whether the choice is appropriated with the climate in your garden or not. From the color range, it ranges from the yellow, red, pink, and brown. Yet, for the bloom time, it ranges from the midsummer through the falls.

The main group of this flower is about seven types. It is exhibition that is perennial grown for the cutting, garden use, and show. The next must be spray that can produce the multiple powers on each stem. It is grown for cutting and garden decoration. Others classification of Clara Curtis chrysanthemum must be charm that is bushy, dwarf, and rounded on habits.

This one is primarily grown for bonsai, exhibition, and indoor decorations. The fourth one is cascade that is quiet similar with charm. Yet, it is trained as pillars, fans, cascaded, or pyramids. This is primarily grown for the indoor decoration. There is pompon a kind of bushy and dwarf that can provides multiple for up to 50 of the dense flower for each plant.

Additionally, there is Rubellum as a group of the bushy perennials with the woody base. This Clara Curtis chrysanthemum leaves have the silvery cast and pinnatisect. The color of this flower is yellow with center like the daisy. This flower is good options for cutting and border. The next must be garden chrysanthemum that has bushy and branching habits. It bears the clustered flowerheads. This flowers over the long period and it is suitable for border.

The maintenances of Clara Curtis chrysanthemum

This chrysanthemum types will do best with the full sun and the soils on slightly moist, neutral to the slightly acid, fertile, and also well drained. As you grow this Clara Curtis chrysanthemum, make sure that the plant is fertilized on every two weeks from the midsummer until the buds is started for showing the colors.

Description: Clara Curtis chrysanthemum is one of chrysanthemum varieties that have beautiful flowers. It will result best with full of sun and good maintenances.

Chrysanthemum carinatum

Beautiful Clara Curtis Chrysanthemum

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