Chrysanthemums diseases and how to care about it is so important to know. If you happen to have mums as your plants or just thinking want to grow it at your home area, the process of protecting and caring will also become basic ways you need to learn. Like one of those quotes, making is easy but surviving is difficult, it’s also same thing with Chrysanthemums. That’s why on this article we want to introduce you about detail information of Chrysanthemums diseases, effects and what causes it and also how to care the plants in the best way. Either you don’t have a clue at all about planting and growing or you want to learn more about caring your mums, read this article as your best consideration!

How to Care Chrysanthemum Plant Diseases?

Diseases of Chrysanthemums You Should Know

There are so many diseases of Chrysanthemums you should know. We will explain the most diseases that often happened so you can monitor and indicate what’s happening to your own plants. If you think the list of diseases below is not what happen to your plants, make sure to browse internet so you can find out further information clearly about the disease of your own plant.

–  Septoria chrysanthemi or what we can say as leaf spot disease is commonly happened to Chrysanthemums because wrong treatments or bad air-conditioned area. The symptoms are easily to read : yellowed leaf spots, dry condition and pale look. In the worst condition, the yellowed leaf spots can turn yellow to black.

 Erysiphe cichoracearm or powdery mildew is often happen when the hot weather comes. Once again, it’s a problem about the location and condition where you take the plants in. But although this disease can easily happen, the anticipation or how to heal it is completely easy. You only need to avoid bad air circulation, re-arranging the space between plants also make sure the sun light is perfectly balanced towards your Chrysanthemums.

 Botrytis cinerea is what happen if you treat the plants in wrong way when the cold and wet weather comes. Different than powdery mildew, a disease that happen in hot weather, if your plants get this botrytis cinerea, what you need is re-arrange the cold air condition around the plants. The warmth and coolness should balance each other to avoid risks of this disease. Also don’t watering the plants too much once you get this disease happen to your plants.

 Erwinia carotovora or bacterial blight is one of the most Chrysanthemums diseases that commonly known. It’s often happen because the temperature and warmth of area is too high so it will affect your plants. Not only good, bad water sanitation or surface moisture can be another cause of this disease exist inside your plants. To avoid it, you can remove the infected parts if it’s not too late but if you think the whole plants are already got this kind of disease, you need to get big things towards everything. That means you need to move the plants to another spot, maximize the air circulation and fix the water sanitation.

– Infection and virus also can cause diseases of Chrysanthemums. Usually it happens because wrong treatments or bad condition of place around the plants.  The symptoms are very clear : you will know it once you get leaf or other spots are infected, dry, turn into yellowed or black tone and the flower petals are falling down. If you have the plants inside your room or indoor area, this infection and virus is easier to happen.

How To Care and Protect Chrysanthemums In The Best Way

So, how to care and protect Chrysanthemums in the best way? Here are some recommendations you should read to anticipate diseases or risks happen to your plants!

– First, you need to check the real condition of your plants. Yellowed spots or leaf, pale appearance or dry condition can be exact points that your plants are not in good way. Besides that, don’t do something like watering your plants too much because it may can make the diseases getting worse than before. It may even ruin your Chrysanthemums plants. Because there are many diseases that can happen to Chrysanthemums, you should know what’s the specific one your plants gotten.

– After you make sure about the condition, you can find a way to heal and solve the problem. Usually the treatments or medical for Chrysanthemums diseases are different from one problem to another. But basically there is a fertilizing spray as first thing to do although you also need some recommendations whether you use it or you don’t. You can simply browse on internet to find out what kind of healthy treatments you need to heal your Chrysanthemums plants.

– If you think the disease problem is infection, you can remove and cut the infected part to make sure it won’t affect the whole plants. Usually, if the infected part is being removed, it’s not too late to survive the whole Chrysanthemums.

– Not only by removing the infected parts, maybe the spots or condition around the plants can be a main cause of diseases. You can move it in safer spot, also don’t forget to always monitoring its condition if things getting better or worse.

Overall, as long as you care and keep checking the condition of your mums, usually there will be no risks of diseases happen and ruin your plants. But if the diseases already got your plants, you also don’t need to worry because it can be healed with some treatments such as fertilizing spray, the way you watering and arrange air circulation around your plants.

We totally hope you will still the best yet beautiful appearance of your Chrysanthemums. If you don’t want the disease happen in the first place, the strategic key is to choose clearly your location of planting. Because many causes of diseases happen because wrong or bad condition of your place. In the end, trust us it’s not difficult to solve Chrysanthemums diseases and how to care about it.