Chrysanthemum tea blend with other flowers and spices

Blending is a process of blending different teas together to improve the flavours and create a brand new or favored flavour profile. Tea blends can be blends from various growing regions or leaves can be blended with herbs, dried fruits zest and flowers.

Perfumes, flavorants and essential oils are frequently added to add flavour and aroma. Breakfast teas are blends of different black teas that together are more robust and full bodied in flavour than the individual, eaves. English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast and Scottish Breakfast are all popular blends of robust black teas. These blends have a tendency to be lighter in flavour than breakfast blends.

Chrysanthemum tea blend with other flowers and spices, image:

Chrysanthemum tea blend with other flowers and spices, image:

Breakfast and Afternoon Tea are frequently enjoyed during any time of day. Jasmine tea is a well know blend of green le with jasmine flowers, leading to a tasty brew that’s mildly flavored and scented by the jasmine flowers. The jasmine flowers are usually removed after their flavour and scent have been absorbed.

Chrysanthemum tea is frequently pure chrysanthemum flowers, although sometimes the blend contains black or green tea leaves. Mint is usually used alone as a herbal tisane, or blended with black tea. Citrus zests along with cinnamon and spices are popular in Russian blends. Bits of dried cherry, mango, cranberry, peach along with other fruits are frequently along with tea leaves and spices.

Chrysanthemum tea blend with other flowers and spices

Spices are frequently blended with tea, particularly in Indian, African and Middle East cultures. Most blends are made with black leaves, but green blends are becoming popular due to their additional health advantages. White tea may be easily overpowered by strong flavours, so it’s used with only very delicate flavour blends.

Blending tea with these flavour enhancers is a very common technique used to boost the flavour of low quality leaves, so it’s significant to know that you’re buying from a top quality purveyor. Frequently these blends will sell at a premium over the cost of the individual leaves, so you would like to get the quality you’re paying for.

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