Chrysanthemum Hidden Facts You Must Know

Talking about the real and fake chrysanthemums flower facts what you should know, would help you decide to have the real flower or the fake one to decorate your house. These following hidden facts will blow your mind:

Purple chrysanthemum flower bouquets

Purple chrysanthemum flower bouquets

It keeps rats and insect away

The real chrysanthemum flowers will keep your house free from rats and any insect including cockroach. Chrysanthemum has natural toxic which is called pyrethrum. This natural toxic will not affect human body, but it keeps rats and insects away when you put some of the flowers inside your house. You can even mix some dried flower with warm water. After it gets chilled, you can spray it to kill insect including mosquito.

It stays for 2 weeks

The fresh chrysanthemums are able to stay fresh up to two weeks. Of course you have to keep it in a vas with some water. Cut the stem with a little angle to help the flowers absorb more water. Of course, the fake flowers will stay last forever.

Chrysanthemum Hidden Facts You Must Know

It is cheaper

It is very interesting, one of the fake chrysanthemums flower facts what you should know is that the real flower is a lot cheaper. It is because almost in any country, you can find chrysanthemum plantation. The fake flower is more expensive for indeed the material to make the fake flower is not cheap, and of course it looks like real.

It lowers the pollution

Polluted air can be a real problem. But, you do not have to worry. According to NASA, chrysanthemum is able to lower the air pollution. It has an amazing mechanism to absorb carbon monoxide and toxic in the air. Growing chrysanthemum can be a great solution to clean the air around your house.

So, which one do you like? You can have both the real and the fake flowers after knowing more about the fake chrysanthemums flower facts what you should know.

Chrysanthemum bud fresh flowers

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