Chrysanthemum for Natural Supplement, Insecticide, and Pest Control

Chrysanthemum is not just a flower, there are several benefits of chrysanthemum flower supplement, insecticide, and pest control. The natural components in chrysanthemum get us amazing benefits.

Chrysanthemum for Natural Supplement, Insecticide, and Pest Control, image: wikipedia

Chrysanthemum for Natural Supplement, Insecticide, and Pest Control, image: wikipedia

Chrysanthemums for natural supplements

For long time ago people in Asia, especially in China use chrysanthemum as an ingredients for beverage and some kind of foods. There are also some medicine and food supplement that are made with chrysanth as the basic ingredients. It is because chrysanthemums have high content of potassium, sodium, vitamin A, C, and some minerals such iron, calcium, and magnesium. The composition will help boosting immune system, balancing blood pressure, increasing the production of insulin, and lowering blood pressure. The common way to enjoy chrysanthemum is to enjoy it as chrysanth tea.

Natural insecticide

Although chrysanthemum is fragrance-less, it has natural toxic to kill insect that is commonly known as pyrethrum. Any kind of insect is not able to resist this toxic, but it does not give any effect to human body. You can make your own natural insecticide by mixing some dried chrysanthemum with warm water. After it gets cooled, you just have to spray the water to kill any insect at home. Indeed chrysanthemum flower supplement, insecticide, and pest control can be the healthiest solution.

Chrysanthemum for pest control

Another benefit you can get from chrysanthemum flower is to use it for pest control. Pest has been known as a disease that is carried by rats or mice in their urine. It can infect human body that triggers heavy fever, high temperature, and it can even lead to death, especially in some area that near to river or any water installation and flooded area.

To control the pest, you can just grow chrysanthemum in your garden or grow it in some pots and place in inside your house. Rats and mice will naturally avoid chrysanthemum plants. It can also be a great idea to place chrysanthemum flower arrangement at home. It proves that this flower is not only beautiful, it also gets you chrysanthemum flower supplement, insecticide, and pest control benefits.

Qoreny chrysanthemum essential oil

3 benefits of chrysanthemum flowers

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