Chrysanthemum: Flowers for Wedding and Office

How about chrysanthemum flower bouquets and floral arrangements for weddings and offices? It will definitely get you a different look. There are several beautiful ideas for you.

Chrysanthemum flower bouquets

Chrysanthemum flower bouquets

Chrysanth at the wedding

It doesn’t have to be lilies or roses for your wedding flowers. Chrysanthemum can be a great idea. This flower means truth and wealth. It can be a great wish for a wedding. You can use chrysanth as the centerpiece and wedding bouquets. There are various kind of colors you can choose. For elegant wedding, you can choose white and calm colors for the bouquets. You can also use strong colors such as crimson and orange to get your wedding more colors. For the bouquets you can add some baby breath and freesia flowers to improve the colors. To keep the bouquets fresh all the times, you can cut the flower stems with a little angle and put it into fresh water with a little salt.

Not only for the bouquets, you can also use chrysanth to decorate your wedding. You can use this flower for center pieces. Arranging the flowers on the table, not in the vas but with wood logs. It will be perfect for vintage and country weddings. You can also arrange chrysanthemums with delphinium and iris in some pots. It will give you romantic blooms when you combine white chrysanthemum with iris or delphinium. Both for chrysanthemum flower bouquets and floral arrangements for weddings and offices can be used in any styles without too much water even in spring days.

Office decoration

Flowers are not for wedding only. You can always have some flowers at the office. The best idea is to have a some chrysanthemums in the vas on your desk or in some spots at your office. Basically, you can arrange only chrysanthemums to decorate your office. You can also combine chrysanth with some other flowers, even with gardenia or daisy in one vas. To make your flower arrangement stay fresh longer, it will be the best to use wet sponge instead of water for the chrysanthemum flower bouquets and floral arrangements for weddings and offices.

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Chrysanthemum hosmariense

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