Red and white Chrysanthemum flowers, source image:

Red and white Chrysanthemum flowers, source image:

Do you like chrysanthemum flower and planning to grow or even cultivating it? If so, you need to know about chrysanthemum’s planting in order to make the chrysanthemum flower that you plant grow beautiful and get the best result from it.

Chrysanthemum flower is decorative flower that is very popular and has wonderful charm; it is the popular among flower after roses. This flower is many used for decorative function such as for flower arrangement, but it is not only that because this flower is also able to be used as medicine. Growing and caring chrysanthemum is not easy task to do, you need to do it seriously and you also have to be painstaking in caring it. It is very important to do in order to get the best result from chrysanthemum that you have planted, grown, and cared.

Chrysanthemum has a lot of different colors and it is very beautiful when it blooms. It is the reason why chrysanthemum is one of favorites flower. The use of this flower that not only use for decorative function but also medicine factors make people interest to cultivate the flower.  Chrysanthemum’s reproducing is the packages you cannot ignore when trying to cultivate, grow, and care chrysanthemum flower. So, this will help you to do those three packages in caring that beautiful flower.

Red and pink chrysanthemum coccineum

How to plant chrysanthemum and its reproducing

When you are going to plant this chrysanthemum flower, firstly you need to know when the best time to plant it. Chrysanthemum flower is flower that needs a lot of sunshine. Therefore you cannot plant it when the cold season hasn’t go away. So, when the best time to plant it? The best time is in the early season of spring. This is the best time because the cold temperature and freezing has gone away. Even so, naturally and basically the chrysanthemum flower can be planted any time, and the most important thing is make the root to be strong, so the flower will survive when the cold season and hot season come.

Then, besides that, planting chrysanthemum will be success if you choose the right chrysanthemum. To plant it in the garden, firstly you need to make hole to the garden ground where you will plant the flower, make it twice size of the ball of the root, and then for helping the drainage system, enter the compost and the other organic material on it. After that, plant the flower and make sure the root is inside it, and do not forget to not let the water collect on the stem. As for the space between one flower to another, make space about 18 until 24 inches. The planting will be different if you use seed to plant the flower.

Besides knowing how to plant the chrysanthemum, it is also important to know how it reproduces. By knowing this, will make you understand more and find any different way and method in planting and growing chrysanthemum flower. So, this is how chrysanthemum reproduces.

  1. Seeds

First, chrysanthemum flower may reproduce from seeds. The flower that has bloomed will produce seeds and the seeds can be planted to be the new flower of chrysanthemum. The seeds will fall to the ground near the flower and it will not grow successfully into flower if the root does not grow perfectly. Then, what  you have to do to make the root grow perfectly and be strong? You need to make sure the ground has lot of nutritionist especially soil. The sprout will grow perfectly if the ground has rich soil.

  1. Cuttings

Then, the next reproducing type of chrysanthemum flower is cutting. This is almost same as the other pant, cut the rod of the flower, and the cutting have to has 6 inches long and that has get enough photosynthesis in order to make the root generate.

  1. Division

The next reproducing type of chrysanthemum is division. It is simple way to do. You just need to dig the ground where the root from the late flower exists and plant them in other place.

  1. Pinching and deadheading

Then, the last types of reproducing way of the chrysanthemum flower is pinching and deadheading. This will stimulate flower to produce more seeds. Pinch to the vegetative grow periodically.

Chrysanthemum pest controlling 

Pest problem often and common happen to any kind of plant. This will make the plant suffer and you may get fail planting. Because of that, pest control is important to help the plant survive from pest attack. Choosing pest control cannot do randomly. You need to choose the appropriate pest control to help you remove the entire pest that ruin and make the flower not healthy. Pest control itself is divided into two types of pest control that is natural and chemical or pesticide. You may choose the most appropriate pest control to use. The pest that commonly appear and attack chrysanthemum will need different pest control depend in which part the pest attack.

As the pest control issue, chrysanthemum also can be used as pest control. This has been familiar that the flower can be used as pest control. Chrysanthemum flower contains pyrethrum component that will kill the pest actively. That pyrethrum component will kill insect and it is kind that called pyrethrin. The pyrethrum component can be gotten from the portion of the head of the chrysanthemum flower.

Well, since this flower has been known as its beautiful and variety and also the other function such as medical function, it is not strange that a lot of people interest to cultivate the flower. You also are able to cultivate, and grow it perfectly and get good result from it as long as you do the plant, the growing, and the care seriously and do it in the right way. Knowing the way that flower reproduce is also very important, so that you are able to maximize its reproducing and reproduce more new flower. Well, that is some information to be applied about Chrysanthemum pest controlling. Hope that useful for you.

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