Chrysanthemum Buying Guide

It takes you more than just knowing where to buy chrysanthemum plants and cuttings for sale to get the best chrysanthemum both the plants and the cutting. There several tips that will guide you buying chrysanthemum easily.

Chrysanthemum plant red flowers

Chrysanthemum plant red flowers

Smaller and younger plants

After looking for the place where you can buy chrysanth plants, there are some special request you have to make. First, buy the younger plants. If you are planning on growing the plants and keeping it in your garden or in some pot at home, it is always better to buy the younger plants. It takes almost 100 days to see the flower to bloom. You can just buy the 30 – 40 day old plants.

Second, ask for the small plants. The young plants will not be too big. It is only 10 inches. A great plant would be the one with green leaves and solid stems. Third, choose the one with good packaging. Most chrysanthemum plants are sold in polly-bags or plastic pots. Both are fine, but the polly-bag packaging is highly recommended for you who are planning on growing the plants in other mediums. It sounds like, it will be okay to find where to buy chrysanthemum plants and cuttings for sale anywhere, even online. In fact, online transaction maybe risky. The plants can be easily damaged when it gets shipped. Online transaction would be the best to buy the seeds.

Chrysanthemum Buying Guide. Simple Tips

Fresh cutting

How about buying the chrysanthemum cuttings? It will be perfect if you need the flower right away. It is suggested for you buy the fresh cutting with flowers with have not bloomed yet. You can have some specific request like asking the florist to cut the flowers that have not bloomed yet and wrap it with some papers. The papers will keep the flower moist and fresh even for several hours. You don’t have to worry too much about where to buy chrysanthemum plants and cuttings for sale, there some online florist you can always check.

Chrysanthemum leaves

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