The Overviews of Chrysanthemum Variety List and Varieties Pictures

Today, chrysanthemum is highly evolved on the flowering plant. It is a member of family from Asteraceae or compositae. The chrysanthemum is close related to sunflowers, dahlias, zinnias, marigolds, and also cosmos. The genus of chrysanthemum once also includes more species. Yet, it has been split several decades ago to be more general that put important florist of chrysanthemum economically to the genus that is called to the Dendranthema. To know more about the classification of chrysanthemum it will be explained about chrysanthemum variety list and varieties pictures.

White Chrysanthemums

White Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemum variety list and varieties pictures: the classifications

Actually, the blooms appear as single flower is truthfully hundreds of the flowers that are namely as florets. There are two types of florets presented on single blooms. Those are ray florets and disk florets. On the chrysanthemum variety list and varieties pictures classification, you will see that each type of the floret can be seen easily. Outer part is a kind of ray floret and the eye or the centers are composed by the disk florets. The class of this flower is variously. Those will be explored as follow.

Chrysanthemum parthenium

Chrysanthemum variety list and varieties pictures: the classes

By means of chrysanthemum variety list and varieties pictures, there is irregular incurve class. It is giant bloom of chrysanthemum genus. The petals or florets will incurve loosely and it makes closed center fully. For the lower floret, it presents the irregular appearances and it probably gives the skirted effects. The size of this flower is around six up to eight inches. However, the characteristic for the flower is grown as disbud and the plant is moderately short.

Others class is namely as reflex. In this chrysanthemum variety list and varieties pictures class, the floret curves overlap and downward. It is just the same to the bird plumage. Tops of blooms are quiet full but it is somewhat flattened. The sizes of this flower are about four up to six inches and it has plant medium height as its characteristics. For the others class, it must be regular incurve. This true globular blooms equal in depth and breadth. The floret incurves smoothly and forms the ball.

Chrysanthemum daisy

Last but not the least, there is decorative class with the flattened blooms and short petals. As on the class one up to three, the center of disk is not visible. The upper part of the floret tends to incurves. Yet, the lower petal reflex generally. The flower size of this class is rather different. It must be five inches of greater. On the chrysanthemum variety list and varieties pictures, you will see the characteristics of this flower are grown as disbud or pot mum. It is plant height shorts.

Description: chrysanthemum variety list and varieties pictures show the classification of chrysanthemum that consists of several classes with different characteristics.

Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium

Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium

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