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Chrysanthemum meaning indeed keep many different symbolism in many countries. It hide more than just a flower that blooming beautifully with tons of colorful tones. A flower that has unique shape combined from thousand long-sepals that comes together making a circle like flower that will admire people who see it. In many countries, chrysanthemum or in which popular with chrysant name has been widely spread as the symbolism of something.

Chrysanthemum flower meaning, image source:

Chrysanthemum flower meaning, image source:

Moreover this beautiful flower becomes one kind of flower that always be celebrated in some festivals in countries, without putting aside chrysanthemum symbol. In Japan, there is a flower festival that is named as the festival of happiness. This festival is celebrated every year while in Chicago it becomes a formal flower that should be attendant in any wedding held in this city. In some places, the chrysant flower is used to welcome the birth of babies in the world. Parents always put on chrysant for the healthy and wealthy of the children. But after all what is the chrysanthemum meaning?

The Meaning of Chrysant Based on Colors

Different colors represent different meaning. That is what chrysanthemum meaning has as well. Every color that this flower has given different symbolism. It is unknown when talking about who the first person that decides the meaning of each color but this symbolism based on colors has been believed by most of people in many countries. In Japan, it is known as the symbol of the sun which means a symbol of wealth and health. Thus sometimes people give it as a present of baby birth or birthday.

In other place, chrysanthemum meaning gives a deep and mysterious symbolism that is different than what has been believed by some people in other places. Chrysant especially the yellow one that sometimes popular as the golden flower is symbolize as sorrow or neglected love, it is different from it looks since at the first impression people get when seeing this yellow golden chrysant is mostly will think about wealthy and prosperity. It makes the chrysanthemum symbol wider not only to say as a gifted words but sorrow and dark meaning are included as well.

That may be so to say chrysant hide miserable meaning but it does not work with red and white chrysant. Instead of telling about sorrow, both red and white chrysant tell about something better. The white chrysant is known as the symbol of loyalty that is so to say it is a symbol of devoted love too, while the red one is symbolism as love, love that has been blooming like the flower. After all the chrysanthemum meaning holds more better meaning in most of places than the sorrow one, it is known as joy, love, longevity, and happiness.

Description: Chrysanthemum meaning has different meaning in different countries. Moreover, it holds different symbolism too depends on the colors.

Gallery Image Chrysanthemum Flower:

Chrysanthemum outline

Chrysanthemum outline

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